Friday, December 10, 2010


Crystal D’Mello
BORIVILI, DECEMBER 9, 2010: On December 5, 2010, the youth of our parish were invited to actively participate in the Parish Youth Day (PYD). We began the day by celebration of the Eucharist which was animated by the Youth. After Mass, we assembled in the school hall for the programme planned by Rev. Fr. Allwyn. The programme commenced with the most powerful prayer Jesus taught us - The “OUR FATHER”. The entire programme was well presented with a power point presentation in the form of prayers, songs etc. One of the memorable songs named “Courage to stand firm” was magnificently presented.

During the first session, Fr. Allywn spoke about – “Journeying with the youth”. He emphasized that Youth is a crucial stage of life and one needs to understand and handle it carefully at every step. One needs to hold one self with dignity, respect ourselves as well as others equally, and never change the way of thinking’.

“CHALTA HAI, CHALNE DO, DHAKKA MAAR KE START KARO, AGAR START NAHI HOTHA TO CHOD KE CHALE JAO”: This should not be the way to behave in life. One should change one’s mind set. Only then will we be able to concentrate on our work and be successful in life. Incidentally, this year has been declared as the ‘Year of the Youth’.

Our speaker for the second session was Fr.Ronnie. His words also inspired us and the main theme he spoke about was ‘Self fulfillment and Transcendence’. Later, he spelt out and explained each letter of the word YOUTH. -
Our next session consisted of a presentation of SYS that is Salesian Youth Spirituality. Here we were told about;

1. Enabling youngsters to discover their potential.
2. Being faithful to our principles of life:
3. Promoting Personal Integral Development:
4. Growing deeper through dialogue:
5. Commitment to social and political development –
Our post lunch session included indoor games conducted by Miss. Fiona Gomes. It was quite interesting, enjoyable and all of us participated enthusiastically. We concluded the day with a short prayer.

I was delighted to attend such a programme in our parish. I hope and pray this continues in a periodic manner so that all youngsters utilize these inputs and put them in their day to day life for a bright and better tomorrow.